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Hire Andrea

Hire Andrea for Your Editing Needs

Andrea edits and proofreads websites, dissertations, scholarly articles, memoirs, poetry manuscripts—and more! She offers everything from basic proofreading (spelling mistakes, grammatical issues, typos) of a final draft to deep edits (extensive rewriting suggestions) of a very rough draft. She also offers manuscript consultations over Skype. Contact her with your project needs!


“I was really scared to ask for help. I was ready to take my business and website to the next level, so I spent months reading and re-reading the content of each page on my website. I knew what I was trying to say, but I spent so much time with the words that they started to get all twisted and clumpy. Andrea made everything SO easy for me. She went through every sentence to help make what I was trying to say more clear while keeping my voice. She had positive comments and to-the-point questions that helped me clarify what I was trying to get across to perspective clients. Because of Andrea, I felt super confident launching my website.” ~Chloe, Massage Therapist

“I came to Andrea because I was struggling with final edits/direction on my chapbook. Immediately after signing on to work with her, I felt energized and confident—I knew, with her help, I was finally going to complete this project. Andrea met every deadline, offering insightful and direct feedback, and with her ‘street cred’ as a published author, I trusted her perspective 100%. After two rounds of edits (and two amazing Skype sessions), I felt empowered, fully ready to share my work with the world. And it wasn’t too long after that that my chapbook was published; Andrea was an integral part of that success.” ~Kelly Thomas is an award-winning writing, editor, and author of Mouth Wide Shut.


Contact Andrea with your particular project, but as a general pricing rule, Andrea charges:

1. $3 per page (250 words per page) for basic proofreading services including: typos, punctuation errors, spelling mistakes, capitalization errors, awkward grammar or syntax, etc.

2. $4 per page (250 words per page) for basic copyediting services including looking at the overall structure of your manuscript, your word choice, clarity issues, redundancies or inconsistencies, etc. Proofreading is also included in basic copyediting.

3. $10 per page (250 words per page) for deep editing when you need an extensive rewrite.